A home video of a 10-year-old Naomi Osaka has come back to 'haunt' her - but it proves she's always been a champion

Naomi OsakaGetty ImagesNaomi Osaka.Getty Images

  • Naomi Osaka, recent winner of the 2018 US Open title, says a home video has come back to "haunt" her.
  • The video shows a 10-year-old Osaka triumph in back-to-back chopsticks competitions.
  • The competition involves two people, and the idea is to pick up small coffee beans with chopsticks and drop them, one by one, into a mug. The winner is the one who finishes first.
  • Watch the adorable video below.

Naomi Osaka has been thrust into the media spotlight having beaten Serena Williams at the 2018 US Open, becoming the first Japanese tennis player to ever win a Grand Slam title in tennis.

News of her victory has swept across the planet as she beat Williams in straight sets after the American received a hat-trick of violations for coaching, smashing her racket, and verbal abuse.

Within days, news emerged that she was set to sign the biggest sponsorship deal sports giant Adidas had ever agreed with a female athlete, potentially making her one of the highest-paid women in sports.

At the same time, she was invited on the "Today" show, and confessed to Ellen DeGeneres that she has a crush on Michael B. Jordan - the villain from the "Black Panther" movie. Clearly, she's on her way to becoming a household name.

With her name in the press, it was only a matter of time before home videos of her childhood emerged that would come back to "haunt" her - like the one below that shows her win two chopsticks competitions at the age of 10.

The competition involves two people sitting opposite each other at a table. The idea is to pick up small coffee beans with chopsticks and drop them, one by one, into a mug. The winner is the one who finishes first.

Osaka wins both times, showing she was perhaps always destined to be a champion.

"I always knew this would come back to haunt me," she said on Twitter. "I just never knew when."

Osaka tweeted the video, which you can watch below:

Osaka was motivated to reach last Saturday's US Open final so she could challenge her childhood idol Williams.

The match ended in chaos, though, with the New York crowd booing.

"I felt a little bit sad, because I wasn't really sure if they were booing at me or if it wasn't the outcome that they wanted," she said on the "Today" show this week. "I also could sympathize, because I've been a fan of Serena my whole life, and I knew how badly the crowd wanted her to win."

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