A homeless 'bum blogger' is blowing up on YouTube - but some people think he's a phony

bum blogger


In May, Eugene Yakut joined YouTube to show the world what it's like to live on the streets in Moscow, Russia - now over 28,000 people around the world are watching videos from the "bum blogger."

But some are speculating that the clean-shaven budding video star isn't homeless at all.

The 43-year-old man started posting videos after he discovered that he could use social media to earn an income, The Guardian reported.

"Every subscriber and every click on an ad help me get closer to a normal life," The Moscow Times translated from Yakut's VKontakte (Russian Facebook) page

He has also joined Instagram and currently has over 3,500 followers.

Questions have been raised because Yakut is surprisingly active on social-media platforms, given his homeless status, The Daily Dot reported

The videos are credited to Yakut's friend, Andrei Voodoo, but there is no other information provided about the mystery man helping him create content.




Based on his clean appearance, people have also expressed concern that the "bum blogger," might not be telling the truth, the Guardian reportedYakut insists he maintains his strict "dress code" so he will be allowed to use public bathrooms in the city. 

Yakut has uploaded nine YouTube vlogs so far. The most popular video has over 250,000 views. In the video, Yakut introduces himself and the Russian streets he calls home. 

In his other videos, Yakut explains how he survives as a self-described "bum." He sleeps under a manhole cover and keeps clean by using public restroom sinks as makeshift showers


bum blogger



Before joining YouTube, Yakut earned money solely by selling books and other items he fished out of the city's garbage cans. Each book is worth about 18 cents, The Moscow Times reported.


Despite doubts, Yakut's channel provides interesting perspective on what he calls the "seamy side of a bright metropolis," The Moscow Times reports

Check out Yakut's most popular video here or below. 


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