A kilogram of 'whale vomit' may be worth ₹10 million — it could get you behind bars too


  • A Mumbai man has been arrested for trying to sell 1.3 kg of whale vomit for a whopping ₹170 million.
  • Whale vomit also called Ambergris is an expensive ingredient used in making perfumes.
  • Major luxury brands like Chanel, Givenchy, Gucci are known to use Ambergris.
In today’s bizarre news, a Mumbai man has been arrested for possession of whale vomit. Before you go on asking why was he arrested, the first question that pops on one’s mind is why on earth was the man walking around with whale vomit?

Well, here’s your answer – Whale vomit can burn a hole in your pocket. A kilogram of whale vomit can cost you over ₹10 million. Also called Ambergris, the wax-like substance is produced in the digestive tract of sperm whales.

The Mumbai man was caught trying to sell 1.3 kgs of Ambergris for a whopping ₹170 million.

As whale vomit ages, it becomes an ideal ingredient for premium perfumes. However, it is also illegal to possess it, as sperm whales have been declared endangered species since 1970.

All major luxury brands around the world – Chanel, Givenchy, Gucci among others are known to use Ambergris.

Still not disgusted? Well, your perfume could also have deer urine.
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