A New Jersey Woman Sued Her Dating Site For Allegedly Matching Her With A Criminal


A woman wants her money back after paying $7,000 to a dating service that allegedly matched her to a guy with an outstanding criminal warrant.


Jeanne McCarthy claims 'Two Of Us,' promised her one or two quality matches every two weeks but instead gave her two in the span of five months, Courthouse News Service reported Tuesday.

One of those matches allegedly had three drunk driving convictions and an outstanding criminal warrant in Arizona.

She isn't the only one complaining about the site either.

An independent complaint database called Complaints Board has a section listing dissatisfied costumers bashing on the dating service for its alleged scams and high prices.


"Basically I plunked down five grand for filling out a form, going through an interview, getting my info entered into a program, then the program churns, puts out a match, and I get an anonymous email. The first two matches ended up being total flops," writes Ron, one of the users on Complaints Board.

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