A North Carolina KFC exploded in the middle of the night, leaving the location completely destroyed

kfc destroyed

Deputy Chief Clint Simpson/Eden Police Department via AP

A late-night explosion demolished a KFC in Eden, North Carolina.

  • A KFC is Eden, North Carolina was destroyed in an explosion soon after midnight on Thursday morning.
  • Local news stations report that the blast was felt up to two miles away from the KFC.
  • No one was inside the KFC at the time.
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A late-night explosion demolished a KFC in Eden, North Carolina.

Police reported to the scene at around 12:40 a.m. Thursday morning, local news channel Fox 8 reports. While the blast destroyed the KFC and damaged neighboring buildings, Eden Police Chief Greg Light said that no one was inside the building when it exploded.

According to Fox 8, an employee told police that he had smelled gas earlier in the night when he was closing the restaurant. A manager reportedly called the gas company at the time.

Police officers have not yet announced what may have caused the explosion. The Eden Police Department is conducting an investigation into the incident and the gas company is evaluating the situation and searching for a potential leak, WXII reports.

KFC did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

Light told Fox 8 that the blast was felt two miles away from the KFC.

"I felt it several miles away and I understand it was felt even further away. It was [a] big explosion for sure," Eden Mayor Neville Hall told WXII.

Locals have taken to the Eden Police Department Facebook group to share the impact of the explosion.

"This explains why our whole house shook," one person commented. "We live about 1 mile from this scene. Prayers for all those affected by this tragic event."

"Prayers to everyone," commented another. "I thought it was the sound of thunder. I live within a mile."

"All of Eden is awake tonight after this and some people in Virginia say they felt it too," wrote a third.

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