A Taxi Driver Took Photos Of His Passengers And Captured Stunning Moments Of Candor


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Mike Harvey

Photographer Mike Harvey waives his passengers' fees in exchange for a photo.

Lawyers, students, drug dealers, prostitutes, pregnant women on their way to the hospital - a vast array of people living in or visiting Neath, Wales, have gotten into Mike Harvey's cab, not knowing what would happen at the end of the ride.

In 2010, Harvey, a photographer, worked as a taxi driver in the small town to save up funds for his world travels. At the end of the ride, he would ask his passengers if he could take their photo.

His passengers' candor surprised him. People share a lot when they never expect to see you again.


Harvey has shared a selection of photos from his "Taxi" series with us. You can see more on his website or on exhibit at MONKEY in Swansea, Wales.