A Tech Startup Is Literally Poaching Google And Facebook Employees While They Wait For A Ride To Work


Bigcommerce poaching spree

Alison Yin/Invision

The tech world is certainly competitive. Some companies in the Silicon Valley have even been accused shady practices when it comes to recruiting from other companies.


But it seems like tech startup Bigcommerce didn't get the memo.

In fact, the e-commerce site - which has offices in Austin and Australia - is trying to poach talent for its new San Francisco office pretty brazenly: The company is setting up shop this week right near Facebook and Google shuttle bus stops, and is trying to poach employees who are waiting to be taken to work.

And the kicker: they're serving poached-egg sandwiches - get it?

Bigcommerce, which was founded in 2009, provides e-commerce software to online retailers, allowing businesses build and manage e-commerce websites for $25-$300; it currently has 50,000 customers.


It has $75 million in funding, with $40 million from Steve Case's Revolution Growth.

Chief Product Officer West Stringfellow said in a statement:

There were people sprinting to catch their buses on time because we had such dynamic conversations going. Every person we talked to took a card and offered to tell a friend. Bigcommerce is scaling like crazy, and so to have such interest in our open roles and to debut in San Francisco with such a bang is nothing short of amazing. The entire Bigcommerce team on-hand for the event was stoked having spread the love of our company, mission and mojo on the SF street-side this morning.

Bigcommerce says it has talked with around 600 people - and, it says it has seen a 150% increase in resume submissions on its website this week.

It'll be interesting to see how many of the folks they spoke with actually switch jobs, and whether the poached-egg sandwiches did the trick.