A U.K. Crime Czar Just Said Undercover Cops Can Sleep With Suspects


Nick Herbert U.K. crime minister

U.K. Home Office

Nick Herbert

A British cop who posed as a long-haired dropout has started a debate about whether undercover police can get busy with suspects in the U.K.


Officer Mark Kennedy recently admitted to sleeping with two female members of an environmental activist group he was infiltrating, The Telegraph reported Wednesday.

The news of his dalliances sparked confusion about the sex-with-suspects question.

But Nick Herbert, the U.K.'s minister for policing and criminal justice, has finally weighed in.

Herbert said undercover cops can have sex with suspects if not doing so could blow their cover, The Telegraph reported.


"[B]anning such actions would provide the group targeted the opportunity to find out whether there was an undercover officer specifically within their group," Herbert said.

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