A United flight was diverted after a passenger got locked inside a lavatory aboard the plane


Getty Images/Scott Olson

  • A United Airlines flight was diverted to Denver on Wednesday after a passenger was locked in the plane's lavatory.
  • The flight continued to San Francisco on a different plane, where it landed about three hours late, flight records show.
  • United said it apologized to the customers on board as well as the customer in the lavatory.
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A United Airlines flight from Washington, DC, to San Francisco was diverted to Denver on Wednesday after a passenger was accidentally locked inside a lavatory aboard the aircraft.

The company confirmed the incident to Business Insider, and said the "passenger was safely removed from the lavatory after landing."
Everyone on the flight was accommodated on another plane to continue their journey to San Francisco, a representative said, where flight records show they landed about three hours later than scheduled.

"We are reaching out to all customers onboard and the customer in the lavatory to apologize," United said.

In a video posted to Twitter from an account that is now private, staff can be seen attempting to free the passenger from his involuntary seat change.

"We'll get you out soon," one person can be heard telling the passenger.