Adidas just launched a new shopping app that learns what you like

Adidas just launched a new shopping app that learns what you like

Adidas App


Adidas has launched a brand-new app focused on personalization.

  • Adidas has launched a new app.
  • The company is saying that the app will be the "hub" of digital interaction with the brand.
  • It's highly personalized, and it only surfaces and suggests things that customers already care about.

Adidas is launching a new app - and this time, it's personal.

The new app features a personalized newsfeed, a chatbot to field customer inquiries, and a full online store.

It's designed to be the new centerpiece of Adidas' app-based mobile experience, Joseph Godsey, the company's global head of digital commerce, told Business Insider.


"[We] tried to create an app experience that was unique to us," Godsey said.

The app's newsfeed, which showcases things like new product announcements and events, will prioritize things that you've already told Adidas you're interested in.

This personalized experience was created to be something "meaningful enough" to draw customers back, Godsey said. The app is the "ultimate expression" of personalization because it lives on such a personal device.

The personalization features will be based on inputs like previous purchases and additions to your profile, like your birthday or gender.

For example, if you bought running shoes in the past, it will surface more running-related content, but if the app has identified you as a sneakerhead, it'll give you news on the next hot drop.


That's a way to serve customers no matter if they buy Adidas for style or function, Godsey said.



A screenshot from the chat function of the app.

There will also be a chat function, which offers instant help for any Adidas-oriented query.

At first, the chat interaction with be one-on-one with a human. In the next two months, Adidas will start to enable an AI to handle simple queries (Does this shoe come in blue? What sizes do the Superstar shoe come in?), handing it off to a human when the question becomes too complex.

When customers settle on a purchase, they can buy it right through the app, which offers the full array of Adidas offerings.

You can also quickly buy it through Apple Pay and Android Pay.


Adidas has a stated goal of reaching €4 billion ($4.6 billion) in sales by 2020. Godsey called the new app one of the "key pillars" that will drive the company to this goal. Godsey said that over 60% of traffic to Adidas' online shopping platforms is from mobile devices, and the company expects that number to grow "substantially higher."

The app has now launched in the US and UK and will launch in more countries around the world later in the year.