Adults who went undercover at a high school found 7 things people don't realize about life for teenagers today

undercover high shane class

Courtesy of A&E

Shane Feldman, an undercover high school student on the documentary series "Undercover High."

  • On A&E's documentary series "Undercover High," seven adults posed as students for a semester in a Kansas high school.
  • Some had only graduated five years ago, and they still saw many differences in what daily life is like for high-schoolers today.
  • Cell phone use is rampant - and dangerous. Teachers have less control than ever. But kids still just want someone to talk to.

High school is nothing like it used to be.

That's the message of "Undercover High," a documentary series on A&E that follows seven adults who pose as students for a whole semester at Highland Park High School in Topeka, Kansas.Advertisement

Here are a few seven things the undercover students learned about high-schoolers that most adults don't realize: