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Building a global network in PR
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The moment you talk about joining a global network, here are a few questions that will start running across your mind

Building a global network in PR

The moment you talk about joining a global network, here are a few questions that will start running across your mind
  • Tarunjeet Rattan, Founder - PRPOI answers an important question that every PR professional often ponders upon: how to build a strong global network.
  • Being a part of a global network catapults your career growth into a higher orbit. Rattan shares a few tips for you to help you find your way in a global network.
‘Hmmm… that sounds like a lot of work?’

‘Why do I need a global network?’

‘What is in it for me?’

‘That must be really expensive!’

The moment you talk about joining a global network is when these questions will start running across your mind. You will wonder about the ROI of joining a network. Lynnette Werning, President – PR Boutiques International, Kavita Lakhani - National President – WICCI PR & Digital Marketing Council and Bianca Ghose , Co-Chair - Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors' India Chapter joined us on the PRPOI panel to address these questions.

Being a part of a global network catapults your career growth into a higher orbit. However, it is essential that you choose a network that aligns with your core beliefs and career stage. Our panel delved into global trends within the PR industry and how PR professionals can leverage global networks to evolve in their careers and find their niche.

We pick out the five must-knows from the session for you.

Why should you join a network?

Network-ing with different minds from different genres and geographies will give you a new perspective about your own profession. The knowledge that you swap with them will give you a more holistic and global understanding of how media and communication is perceived and works in various parts of the world.

The learning opportunities are immense. Leadership and learning go hand in hand. Cross country and cross vertical learning sessions or speakers will only add to your knowledge base.

Career guidance will be on a global level. The experts who are a part of your network will give you unbiased and unfiltered guidance and feedback. They have nothing to gain or loose from your growth or stagnation. You can choose to have a global mentor and have an edge over the competition bringing you new opportunities in a smart way.

Mentoring is a huge advantage with a global network. With seniors in the network, consider picking out a mentor who will help you grow in your own career, guide you towards skills you need and open doors for you when they can. It is also the fastest way you can rise in your field.

Most essentially, if you have been in the industry for more than a decade this is one of the best ways to give back to the industry that made you who you are.

How do you select a network to join?

Do your research. Find what you are passionate about or aim to achieve from these networks. Select a network that resonates with your objectives. When that happens, it will not sound overwhelming. Because once you join you must make time for it. Don’t be that person who joins and then ghosts on people. You will be wasting your time, money and a seat that could have gone to a more deserving candidate. If you join a network make use of it through and through.

Is it costly?

Some networks come at a paid membership while others are free. Whatever the monetary cost you also need to consider your time cost. Weigh the options and the possibility of how you accelerate growth in your career if you were not a part of this network.

What is my ROI ?

While we all love ROI ! Do not look at calculating any sort of ROI for the first five years. Give, give and

give some more. When you do set about calculating this aspect first define what is ROI for you from

the network. This should align with your objectives based on which you choose to associate with the

network. If that objective is met, then continue to give some more. If it doesn’t then you will atleast

gain an insight what you don’t want and crystalise your objective further. This is the time you look at

researching and identifying the one that meets your new objective.

When should you join?

Today. Right Away. Now.

There are networks that are available to you at all levels. You don’t need to join the workforce to be a part of one. Start as a student. When you enter the industry you can add another one that caters to you as a fresher. As you move up more networks will open for you at the middle and top management level. You can keep adding to it and move up the ranks as a mentor.

So join one now !

The above is by special arrangement via a collaboration with PRPOI

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