Communication Mantra 2022: Move from volume to value
Komal Lath, Founder, Tute ConsultTute Consult
Komal Lath, Founder, Tute Consult believes hybridization is expected to be the way of life and work in 2022

Communication Mantra 2022: Move from volume to value

Komal Lath, Founder, Tute Consult believes hybridization is expected to be the way of life and work in 2022
  • The pandemic has changed our lives and the way we do business in the last 2 years.
  • Komal Lath, Founder, Tute Consult writes about a few trends that will dominate the communications and PR industry in this new world order.
As the clock ticked past 12 bringing in 2022, one was reminded of American rock band, Green Day’s classics – from 'Wake me up when September (read COVID) ends' to 'Boulevard of broken dreams' (and resolutions) … the
pandemic has 'disrupted' the world in more ways than one and as industry practitioners it’s time for us to ‘not be
disruptive, but be constructive’… brick by brick, stone by stone, message by message.

Being 'constructive' starts with unlearning to be disruptive and rebuilding the core of communications business to
better suit the new world unveiling in front of our eyes – a world wherein news apps DAUs dwarves’ newspaper
circulations by double digit multiples, wherein an erstwhile journalist’s Instagram feeds are shared as legitimate news sources across social media and so on. Quoting celebrated Indian entrepreneur Ronnie Screwvala here - 'the past will no longer be a reliable guide for our future' – the adage can’t be any more apt. As the pendulum goes back and forth, “Hybridization” is expected to be the way of life and work in 2022.

What we would see unfold this year:

1) Value over volume
Quality over quantity any day! Bid adieu to quantifying monetary value for press articles – it would be a thing of the past (our hope). Even “paid media” is talking about “programmatic” and “outcome-based advertising” and the time is ripe for PR and communications business to start being accountable of business outcomes and not coverage volume.

2) Experiential economy takes centerstage
Worthwhile “brand experiences” organically makes it to people’s Instagram stories and reels. Thanks to India’s smartphone revolution the quality of these “stories and reels” are enviable and create a sense of FOMO. Can one ask for a better PR and communications plan? That’s the power of 'experiential economy' and communications industry will not only start recognizing but harnessing its power in 2022.

3) Textual to audio to video
Press Releases will go through a metamorphosis. If the medium of dissemination is evolving real-time, how can the source of information stagnate to the age-old textual media? 2022 will see press releases going through an irreversible change wherein traditional releases will coexist with new age ones like ready-to-use AVs, infographics et cetera. Exciting times ahead!

4) ESG comes to the fore
2021 has laid the foundation stones for Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) to come to the fore in 2022. COP26 at Glasgow, BRSR (business responsibility and sustainability report) becoming mandatory for Top 1000 listed Indian companies during FY2022-23 and pop culture conversations (read: Netflix original Don’t Look Up) gaining steam are early indicators of pink papers having dedicated sections for ESG alongside stocks, startups and crypto later this year.

5) Technological intelligence vs human consciousness
There’s an exponentially accelerating conversation on technology intervention disrupting human efforts across 'intelligence business'. While the inevitable is fast approaching, human consciousness will edge over technological intelligence in the long run. 2022 shall act as a stepping stone towards identifying and honing 'human consciousness' as an important skill.

In conclusion, putting the ‘social’ right back in social media, emphasis on Owned media (creating infographics,
audio visual content, podcasts, LinkedIn) for clients and partners to build valuable brand narratives would be the
key takeaways for this year!