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The show must go on.

COVID-19: How are agencies keeping up?

The show must go on.
  • As offices face the unique challenge of COVID-19, Akshay Popawala, co-founder of Togglehead pens down what it takes to continue the toggle.
  • To all those working from home, he says, 'channelize your day, avoid personal intrusions during working hours and work interventions after.'
‘The show must go on,’ we’ve often heard this age-old saying at times of difficulty but here’s a little alteration to practice it now, ‘The show must go on, safely’.

As entrepreneurs, we’re accustomed to tackle various obstacles coming our way, however, the advent of COVID – 19 is uncharted territory. The Digital & Social Media industry not only needs round the clock attention but requires one to be social at work as well; however, unique challenges call for creative solutions, and that’s something we strive to excel in!

In the current scenario, many in India led by example in quickly promoting and enabling social distancing. I’m sure I speak for many leaders when I say that the health and welfare of our entire community is at the forefront of our thinking. In this endeavour, we started a remote working pattern at Togglehead for an indefinite period from 16 th March 2020, by allowing our Togglers to work from home.

We’re well aware of the challenges that come with a remote working environment, especially when the work we deliver stems from a strong collaboration among the creative, design, and management teams. A strain on the workflow due to delayed communication or lack of certain facilities being the top few. However, as conference phone calls and video sessions for brainstorming lead the way, we’ve taken all the necessary steps to ensure that everyone has a strong connection and access to the files/systems they require.

While a plethora measures could be taken to ensure a smooth workflow, I cannot begin to stress upon the importance of maintaining transparency with your clients; irrespective of your field of business. The fact that we’re all sailing in the same ship makes matters easier and lighter in this otherwise dull environment.

At this crucial hour, when Digital emerges as the most powerful medium, all working in the industry must use their presence responsibly. In fact, many of our brands have taken the initiative to spread awareness through their digital communication. Our team is working tirelessly to manage these accounts from home and doing their bit to
contribute to the greater good.

To all those working from home, channelize your day, avoid personal intrusions during working hours and work interventions after. And to all leaders who took an educated step, maintain your calm and your trust in your employees.

- By Akshay Popawala, co-founder of Togglehead
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