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Digitization: Key to transforming your business in today’s time
Dhananjay Arora, CEO, Kwebmaker Digital AgencyKwebmaker
As a business owner in a digital era, you need to focus on your business’s digital operations and digital transformation

Digitization: Key to transforming your business in today’s time

As a business owner in a digital era, you need to focus on your business’s digital operations and digital transformation
  • Today, for any business to thrive, having a strong digital presence is an important factor.
  • Dhananjay Arora, CEO, Kwebmaker Digital Agency writes on the importance of digitization and how it can help in taking your business to the next level.
Owning a business in the digital era and yet wondering what the wonders of Digital Transformation can do to your business? Unaware of the leaps and bounds a digital transformation can do to your brainchild?

Here are some positive enablers for you to gain confidence in your digital transformation!

Today, be it a home-grown business or huge business, every sector is reaping the benefits of going digital. Top Notch Technology, High Automation, Ease Access to the web, Competitive laden product or service placements, everything has become a part of our lives now.

The power of digital media and presence not only influences your audiences purchasing power and decision but also motivates and controls the thought process of making a purchase and the very need of it. The current rhythm of your audience digitally requires you to be ahead of time in providing value through your product and service. It is really quite impossible to imagine any consumer segment or segments to make a purchase without understanding the brand or brands digital presence and positioning.

Simply put, as a business owner in a digital era, to sustain in a competitive market, you need to focus on your business’s digital operations and digital transformation while moving forward with current trends.

What really is Digitization?
Theoretically understood, digitization is the process of integrating and transference of digital technologies and tools into your business strategy and management. A digital transformation may certainly be subjective to your business and many segments of business may not benefit from a digital transformation as such, but it is vital and extremely necessary for every segment to have some factor of digital presence to thrive in this very digital era.

Putting the Covid-19 pandemic into perspective, digitization is the best opportunity to go for your business with better customer experience, at home comfort services, real-time demand and supply of your product or service along with convenient consumer relationship management. These technologies help boost your sales, increase your impression, help reach more and more consumers with enhancing your business and market value and positioning.
Digitisation can also help small business reach out to a wide audience, not only in India but across the globe.

Advantages of Digitization

Excellent Business Catalyst:
Digitization of your business is the key to take your business to another level. To begin with digital tools & data enables you in making better and efficient decisions, it improves your business productivity and aids in reducing costs at a primary level.

Adding to the benefits, digitization also help increase innovation of your product and service. Within a competitors market, you get to research, develop, understand your business, provide better value to your audience and enable more and more sales with your digital game.

Digitalization of your business transforms your brand awareness and reach to unnumerable heights through presences on various platforms such as Social media networks, Google Business, WhatsApp Business, Websites, Mobile Applications etc. These valuable platforms make your marketing activities easy, help you reach
your target audience and boost your brand awareness and building, beyond your desires.

Better Networking:
Believe it or not, digitization of your business can aid your networking of audiences, sellers, agents and what not! With your digital presence on various sites and social media platforms, you not only your target audience but also get to explore and reach more audiences and consumers ideal to your product or service. With convenient advertisement and boosting options on all platforms, reaching new audiences and interested consumers, is a cake walk indeed. All you need to do is dissect and choose the right platform and right advertisement type for your product. Such
digitalization is steppingstone for any business to survive in today’s time with the prevalence of the pandemic and your consumers not able to shop physically from you. Such digitalization enables your consumer to stay connected with you, makes purchases with you, boost your sales, and enables you to reach more and more audiences.

With the existence of online knowledge sharing & communal discussion forums, groups & platforms, you get to witness first-hand of the innovations, trends, new channels or sites to sell your product, connect with the peers of your industry and stay up to date with all the possible news and experiences of your business segment.
Such digitalization of your business is a win-win situation!

Advanced Working Conditions:
With the digitization of your business, the output and delivery of your work force in many areas is improved and enhanced automatically. Digitization of your business directly requires your business’s work force to update their skill set and stay in trend with all the latest developments and improvements in technologies. Such upgrade of
skill sets and knowledge leads to efficiency in work thereby delivery quality in work. With the upgrade in skills of the work force, internal communications, knowledge and value sharing also increased and eased amongst various internal teams aiding to efficiency in work and work output. Digitization of your business thereby maintains
consistency of quality for your business.

As we understand in this ever evolving era, the digital world is the only thing constant witnessed by us especially at the times of a pandemic. With its innumerable benefits for your business, digitization is need of the hour for every business segment to understand its advantages and positive effects on your business to sustain, boost, and achieve milestones for your brainchild. Transform your business now with the noble digital era!

- This column has been authored by Dhananjay Arora, CEO, Kwebmaker Digital Agency