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mCanvas and Merkle Sokrati create an innovative ad for Freecharge | mCanvas
The ad uses advanced motion sensors to boost user engagement in a unique way.

Freecharge’s innovative ad that used accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors helped the brand reach 4.5 million users

The ad uses advanced motion sensors to boost user engagement in a unique way.
  • Reaching 4.5 million users, the interactive campaign is leveraging the accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors to engage users.
  • The campaign is created by mCanvas and Merkle Sokrati.
mCanvas, the experiential storytelling ad platform for small screens, and Merkle Sokrati, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company have created a rich-media, mobile-led campaign for distribution of mutual funds on Freecharge. The ad uses advanced motion sensors to boost user engagement in a unique way.

Reaching over 4.5 million users, the campaign is witnessing an impressive engagement rate of 1.8%, which is 9 times the 0.20% industry average for mobile banners. Users are spending 9 seconds, on average engaging with the ad.

Freecharge enables users to recharge their mobile phone online, as well as pay bills online for utilities like electricity, gas, and water easily and quickly. Recently, it started offering a number of additional financial services, ranging from mutual funds, loan EMIs, credit card services and insurance policies among others. The brand wanted to promote the introduction of Mutual Funds services on its app, along with the ease of investing in SIPs via their new, all-digital service. In order to effectively communicate the brand’s message, it was important for mCanvas to create an interactive ad concept that would educate their target audience about the process of investing in mutual funds, help uncomplicate the user’s journey of mutual fund investment, while also showcasing the benefits of such an investment and how it will positively impact their personal wealth.

The interactive mobile ad opens to the copy ‘Money might not grow on trees, but growing your wealth is a lot like growing a tree!’. Using the accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors, users are encouraged to take a physical step forward to reveal the first step of growing their wealth. On doing this, the message on the screen transitions to ‘First you plant the seed by becoming investment ready’, followed by the copy ‘Complete one time registration for Mutual Funds on Freecharge’. Prompting users to take another step forward, the ad then displays the second step – ‘Then you nourish it with monthly Mutual Fund investments’. Lastly, the ad reveals the final step of growing their wealth – ‘And finally you reap the sweet fruit!’, when users take another step forward. Thereafter, the creative transitions to the closing screen with relevant branding, along with a video commercial. The CTA ‘Invest Now’, at the bottom of the screen directs users to the brand’s landing page for more information on Mutual Funds.

Abhishek Upadhyay, Head of Marketing and Growth, Freecharge said, “In the beginning, we faced the conundrum of how to promote the mutual funds in a way that would leave a lasting impression on our target segment. Our partnership with Merkle Sokrati and mCanvas enabled us to overcome it, with an ad that integrated cutting-edge technology that fulfilled our campaign objectives and also garnered industry competitive results.”

“The mobile ad space is a noisy one, and brands have to go the extra mile to establish strong brand recall. We at Merkle Sokrati strive to maximize best brand experience, with the amalgamation of brand communication, creative innovation and media efficiency,” Chirag Chandiramani, AVP – Client Operations, Merkle Sokrati commented.

Akshay Nandoskar, Regional Sales Head – West, mCanvas concluded, “Our goal is to constantly build ideas that will engage and excite users. For Mutual Funds on Freecharge, we seamlessly integrated storytelling into the ad, to create an immersive mobile experience.”