Snapchat ad format helped Nykaa achieve 9X ROI and 30% hike in CTR

Snapchat ad formatSnapchat
  • In order to increase the number of app installs and tap into a new set of audience, Nykaa partnered with Snapchat for a 360-degree performance campaign.
  • Tarika Soni, Head of Commercial Strategy and Ad Monetization, Snapchat India talks about the strategy behind the campaign and its plan for future brand partnerships.
  • Hitesh Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer, Nykaa shares how Snapchat’s organic ad format helped the brand achieve 9X ROI and a 30% in CTR hike.
Nykaa, an online beauty and wellness e-commerce platform, wanted to expand its user base in India and tap into a new set of audience. That’s when the brand decided to partner with Snapchat for a 360-degree performance campaign.

“The aim of the campaign was to deliver positive ROI for every dollar they spend on our platform and we managed to deliver 9X the purchase volume for every dollar they spent with us. They also wanted to increase app downloads, so we were able to exclude users who already had Nykaa’s app installed and then built a look-alike segment of their existing users who fitted with Nykaa's user profile which boosted their overall install rates in India,” shares Tarika Soni, Head of Commercial Strategy and Ad Monetization, India.

Snapchat ad format
Snapchat ad format

The Strategy

The overall strategy was to focus on story ads placements, get new audience, and rely heavily on creative rotation. Seasonal celebrations combined with offers and influencer messaging was another way through which the campaigns were released for maximum performance impact.

“Tapping new users outside the current Nykaa universe was a core priority. However, with the scale, we also wanted quality users who have a high LTV and ROI. By partnering with Snapchat, we were able to reach the millennials and Gen Z audience, who are typically hard-to-reach, but are core to Snapchat. Additionally, Snapchat’s ad formats felt more organic in nature, especially within the Discover Platform,” said Hitesh Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer, Nykaa.

Creative Idea

Snapchat ran separate campaigns for iOS and Android campaigns, with a heavy emphasis on make-up tutorials. Another unique point about the content was celebrity endorsements for the products, which helped the user get first-hand reviews and saw an increased conversion rate.

Republic Day is an important holiday in India and hence a campaign was run for the brand with special discounts and creatives to improve CTR in a limited time frame.


With 9X ROI, the overall CTR saw a 30% hike because of creative and optimization settings.

What Worked

Tapping the right target audience, bifurcating the story ads, snap and collection ads between iOS and Android worked well.

Vision for future partnerships

“At Snapchat, we are continually working on ad products that are designed to deliver effective results that align with a client’s business goals. For example, in September we rolled out a ‘Reach and Frequency Lens’ in India that offered a simplified way for marketers to plan, buy, and report in an auction-based environment. Nykaa will soon be testing Reach and Frequency Lens with us along with other new ad products designed to optimise their efforts,” said Soni.
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