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Indian-clone of TikTok, sees an upsurge in users.
After the movement #boycottchineseproducts, Indian-clone sees an upsurge in users.
ad-tech, an Indian alternative of TikTok, sees 10X in the last 24 hours

After the movement #boycottchineseproducts, Indian-clone sees an upsurge in users.
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  • was launched during the lockdown.
  • The AI-backed live-streaming app has grown 10X in the last 24 hours.
  • Currently, is only a website and would shortly launch its mobile app., an Indian-alternative of Tiktok during the lockdown, sees a 10X surge in active-user mark within 24 hours. is designed for the requirement of Indian customers wherein both the content creator and visitors can do much more than simply follow or comment on their influencer. Any kind of content creator across all categories can connect with their followers via multiple ways, such as, live streaming, posting videos, or even holding private sessions with their celebs or influencers and this engagement-based platform is making users stick much more on the platform., has been co-founded by entrepreneurs Varun Bajaj, Shivaarti Bajaj, Vikas Jain (leading technology) and Ankur Saxena (leading business operations).

On seeing a hike in downloads, Varun Bajaj, Co-Founder of, said, “Banning these Chinese apps, especially Tiktok is a great step as apart from major data-privacy issues due to Chinese origin, there was a huge debate around the limited social message of TikTok as a digital product, as the product was made keeping the Chinese mindset in mind."

"Having said that, we would want to thank the Indian customers and Indian influencers, who have given such a positive response on Our feedback has shown, is winning over the Chinese-counterpart considering it has been Made in India keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian users. Therefore, Indian-customers virality has evidenced that they have loved having much-more advanced engagement use-cases”, he added.

Currently,, in order to address all privacy concerns, is a website only, and would shortly launch its mobile app. Furthermore, content creators/influencers can monetize by being on directly.

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