Cashify is spending Rs 100 crore on marketing this year, here’s their roadmap for 2022
Recently, Cashify roped in Rashmika Mandanna to build brand awareness in the Southern markets Cashify/screenshot
Cashify is working on increasing brand awareness across the country and simplifying consumer experience

Cashify is spending Rs 100 crore on marketing this year, here’s their roadmap for 2022

Cashify is working on increasing brand awareness across the country and simplifying consumer experience
  • Cashify recently roped in Rashmika Mandanna to spread brand awareness in the Southern markets, a part of its marketing focus for 2022.
  • The platform has earmarked Rs 100 crore for marketing this year, Puneet Arora, Director - Marketing (Brand & Content) Cashify shares exactly what this budget will be spent on.

Re-commerce start-up Cashify has big marketing plans for 2022. While it onboarded actor Rajkummar Rao last year to increase the brand’s overall visibility, this year, it has roped in Rashmika Mandanna, who was recently seen in the Allu Arjun starrer movie, Pushpa. With this move, Cashify wants to cement its position in the Southern markets.

“Cashify has a presence throughout India at the moment, including the Southern part of the country. However, we are looking to build more awareness with a face to carry out the brand message. This is the first time we're reaching out to our consumers in South India in their respective regional languages with the young and dynamic youth star Rashmika Mandanna. Rashmika is a powerhouse of talent and has a huge fan base not only in South India but the entire country. With this campaign, our objective is to increase our brand awareness in the South,” shared Puneet Arora, Director - Marketing (Brand & Content) Cashify.

On what was the fit between Rashmika and the brand, Arora said, “Rashmika, as we know, is a much-loved artist and a youth icon, not just in South India, but throughout the country. We found her to be a great fit to be the face of Cashify as she resonates and connects with the youth just like Cashify which has an innovative side and a youth connect. Rashmika has now become even more popular across the country after the release of her latest blockbuster movie Pushpa. She is one of the most hardworking and dynamic actresses in the industry which is why we are proud and honoured to associate with her as a brand.”

The brand also has a strong marketing strategy in place for the rest of the year and has earmarked Rs 100 crore to educate consumers about what they do. Letting us in into their marketing plans for the year, Arora said, “The focus right now is to increase the top funnel by educating as many consumers in the country as possible. On the ground, we’ve focused more on a smooth and lag-free consumer experience, which is also our biggest strength. Cashify as a product is revolutionary and has made the entire journey of selling old devices customer-friendly. Coupled with our growing network of offline stores nationally we would want to be present at the convenience of our customers online as well as offline.”

So far, the platform claims to have served over 3 million users and it is working towards ensuring that the entire process where users get to sell or buy the products is transparent. The aim is to also ensure that the entire experience is seamless. “We have a strong tech backend with an AI and ML-based pricing engine, which ensures users get the best possible value for their old devices. Our in-app testing does the entire functional diagnosis of a device and a complete device report is generated. If a user agrees to the buyback value offered by Cashify, he gets paid as soon as his device is picked up. We have all the systems in place to ensure that you get a fair value of your old device from the comfort of your home through an extremely smooth process. We also focus on the data safety of an old device of a customer and ensure that it is not misused through our full-proof data wiping solutions,” explained Arora.

Going ahead too, Cashify will focus on building brand awareness to bring more and more people onto its platform. “The major focus area from a marketing perspective is to build awareness about our brand and category across the length and bread of our country and also to increase our retail footprint by opening 100+ more offline stores. We have an equal focus on online and offline to make transacting with Cashify extremely easy and convenient,’ concluded Arora.