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Anil Kapoor 'auditions' for CRED IPL ad | CRED
The veteran actor will bring home the message of paying credit card bills on time in his unique.

Watch Anil Kapoor 'audition' for CRED's first campaign to be aired during IPL

The veteran actor will bring home the message of paying credit card bills on time in his unique.
  • CRED to feature 90s legendary Bollywood icons in its IPL campaigns, kicks off the first film with Anil Kapoor.
  • CRED rejects Anil Kapoor in its hilarious ad because ‘Not Everyone Gets It.’
CRED has come on board as the official partner of the most awaited event of the year, the Indian Premier League 2020.

While the country awaits the start of the cricketing spectacle, CRED has kickstarted the journey of making this year’s IPL more rewarding for all players and viewers with a host of activities that would upgrade the experience for CRED Members.

In line with the same, CRED also launched their latest campaign - ‘CRED: Not Everyone Gets It’ - featuring three ad films slated to launch over the course of the tournament, and starring leading Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor along with other iconic celebrities from the 90s, that promises to entertain and spread CRED’s message.

Through these creative and fun ad films, CRED aims to amplify its messaging of how easy it is to manage timely credit card payments through the app and also getting regularly rewarded for good financial behaviour. The campaign launched on 19th September with the launch of the first film starring Anil Kapoor. The veteran actor will bring home the message of paying credit card bills on time in his unique, inimitable style which has made him a favorite since the 90s, across generations of audiences from millennials to their parents. To keep up the momentum, two more films featuring other much loved Bollywood celebrities will be released over the next month to join in the celebration. The campaign is truly a memorable and comedic take on CRED’s messaging that has been conceptualized entirely by the in-house team and brought to life by Ayappa KM, Co-founder, Early Man Films, the production agency.

Speaking about this exciting campaign to kickstart the IPL Season, Trupthi Shetty, Lead - Growth and Engagement at CRED, said “We are extremely excited to be associated with IPL 2020. At CRED, we believe in rewarding good financial behaviour and with this campaign, we are positive that our message of encouraging financial literacy and educating viewers on the rewarding benefits of responsible financial behaviour would come through in an entertaining manner. With Anil Kapoor and others lending their inimitable styles and unique personalities to each video, we are sure audiences would definitely relate to this campaign and our association would be off to a rewarding start.”

Sharing these views, Anand Menon, Executive Producer & Co Founder, Early Man Film said “It was a massive challenge for us to turn around this production keeping in mind the current scenario. But the fact that we had an opportunity to use these celebrities in a unique and entertaining way to tell the CRED story, made the effort worthwhile. We hope everyone enjoys these films and they bring a much needed smile to people’s lives.“

The campaign launched on 19th September with Anil Kapoor on CRED’s Twitter page, with major promotions across digital and television. This would be followed by the second and third videos, with other celebrities highlighting CRED’s take on timely bill payments, over the next 30 days.