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The survey revealed that women today know what they want and would like to marry someone that meet their preferencesPixabay
What matchmaking in India is all about today

Despite what Sima Taparia from Indian Matchmaking told you, for 83% women finding the right match is about compatibility and not compromise: Survey

What matchmaking in India is all about today
  • The process of matchmaking in India has evolved and how people look at the entire process has changed drastically.
  • It is no longer something that parents are forcing their kids into as more and more singles are taking an active interest in the entire process.
  • Adhish Zaveri, Director – Marketing, busts a few myths that have always been associated with the matchmaking process.

If you have watched Netflix’s show, Indian Matchmaking and flinched every time someone said on the show that marriage for a woman is all about them compromising, we have some good news for you. A recent survey by matchmaking portal has busted a lot of the myths that the show propagated, the biggest of which is, close to 83% women don’t want to compromise when it comes to finding the perfect partner.

The show which charts the matchmaking process of ‘Sima Taparia from Mumbai’, holds on to a lot of stereotypes like singles are still very concerned about the age they get married in (which means there is a particular age you should definitely be married by), or that the only way of finding that perfect partner is by being ‘flexible and compromise’. However, according to the findings of the survey, women are now looking for compatibility more than anything else. The women of today know what they want and would like to marry someone that meet their preferences.

Moreover, while matchmaking is still a family affair in India, the survey also revealed that singles are increasingly taking control of this journey. Reflecting in the member split on the platform, 70% profiles are created by the people wanting to get married and 30% are created by parents.

We recently caught up with Adhish Zaveri, Director – Marketing, who gave us deeper insights into the survey and spoke to us about how the process of matchmaking has evolved over the years.

Watch the conversation here:
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