Here's how BookMyShow dressed doctors as Santas to spread some Christmas cheer
BookASmile’s latest Christmas campaign is a special tribute to frontline heroes
Doctors surprise their patients by dressing up as Santas

Here's how BookMyShow dressed doctors as Santas to spread some Christmas cheer

Doctors surprise their patients by dressing up as Santas
  • The campaign film #LoveBoostsHealth shot in a city-based hospital, is the latest in BookASmile’s efforts that spread over 2,36,000 smiles amongst the underprivileged and frontline workers through focussed initiatives since the start of the lockdown.
  • The film is conceptualised and executed by BookMyShow.
In a year that has been fraught with challenges abound - health, economic, personal loss and more, spreading happiness and cheer has been more valuable than ever before. Lending a hand to front line health workers, tirelessly working to boost the morale and health of millions of Indians through these extraordinary times, BookASmile the charity initiative of BookMyShow, has taken a step to support them and spread cheer through its latest campaign for Christmas #LoveBoostsHealth.

The #LoveBoostsHealth campaign which has been rolled out as a film features doctors and their medical teams surprising young and old patients by arriving as ‘Santas in PPE’ kits while their able team comes dressed as ‘Elves in PPEs’ discharging their duties, handing over not just medicines for the day but also some gifts, a whole lot of love and festive cheer.

The film that has been conceptualised and executed by BookMyShow and shot to capture events as they unfold in real-time in a city-based hospital, captures children and old patients’ surprise and joy over the #LoveBoostsHealth initiative, reinforcing the extent of impact, some kindness, positivity and a giving heart can have when it comes to health for all of us and especially those that remain in medical care centres.

The film is the latest amongst a host of initiatives that BookASmile has lent support and contributed to during this year impacting over 2,36,000 lives across India.

Commenting on the campaign, Farzana Cama Balpande, Head – BookASmile said, “The pandemic has been a black swan event and a life-altering experience like none other, having brought several challenges and adversities to so many of us. But it has most definitely made us realise the importance of valuing the small things that bring comfort, happiness and spread smiles, not just on our faces but to those who may not be as lucky as us. BookASmile’s latest Christmas campaign is a special tribute to our frontline heroes to recognise their role in saving millions of lives every day while risking their own but also to remember that love and happiness can be a booster to health like no other medicine can. At BookASmile, we stand united with the frontline workers, those impacted by this health crisis and the underprivileged and committed to play our part to deliver smiles.”

BookASmile was at the helm of the much-needed essentials drive for frontline workers through this pandemic-induced lockdown while also strengthening efforts to support special causes to enrich the lives of the less fortunate through ‘Experiences & Enjoyment’. Through its continuous efforts, BookASmile spread smiles to over 2,36,000 beneficiaries, closely working with more than 40 NGOs, social and municipal bodies to positively impact lives through the ‘Power of One’.

The pandemic crippled the entertainment industry completely, adversely impacting millions of workers dependent on the industry for their survival. BookASmile worked incessantly towards supporting the artist community by providing essential supplies through the Artist for Artist initiative, livelihood assistance for artists at the Rambo Circus, live industry performance workers from Anahad, and also supporting coaches and on-ground staff at YUWA, Project Khel.

Additionally, the platform held fundraiser campaigns for Covid-19 relief, prioritised ration and food for frontline workers and focused on health and animal care through various initiatives.