Brands and products that have faded with time but made an impact

Oct 6, 2021

By: Karuna Sharma


This Cadbury product is missed by every millennial and GenZ kid. These tiny, wafer pillows were launched in 2004 but were pulled from the shelves around 2011.

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This Wheat-based snack was brought into the market by Parle. It came in a bigger packet and was healthier than its competitors. However, Parle's Hippo Toasties couldn't survive the competition.

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Pepsi Blue

The blue-hued drink was launched during the Cricket World Cup in 2003 to support India's Men in Blue. It was represented by Shah Rukh Khan in a blue turban but it died a natural death in a year or two.

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Milk Treat

Cadbury's Milk Treat holds a special place in our hearts. Even today, there aren't many white chocolate brands and none of them hold a candle to Milk Treat

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Campa Cola

Launched in Orange and Lemon flavors, Campa Cola was responsible for shaping the Indian soft drink industry. Around 2000, Thums Up and Coca-Cola dominated the Indian market and Campa Cola shut down its bottling plant in Delhi.

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Polson’s Butter

Polson Butter was the 'Amul' of our grandparents. Started in India by Pestonjee Eduljee in 1915 in Mumbai, Polson Butter monopolised the market. In 1970s, Amul gained a stronger foothold and Polson diverted towards tanning and leather products.

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Lemon-flavored Citra managed to carve its own niche in the soft drinks market in early 90s. However, Coca-Cola was back in the market in 1993 and Citra couldn't survive the American Cola wars.

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Binaca toothpaste

Binaca was launched in 1951 by Reckitt Benckiser and it shot to fame very quickly because of its sponsored radio show on Radio Ceylon. It was sold to Dabur in 1996. One of its early print ads featured model, air hostess Neerja Bhanot.

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Gold Spot

Gold Spot, a Parle Bisleri brand that discontinued in 2000, had the catchiest jingle 'The Zing Thing.' The orange-flavored fizzy drink was sold to Coke later, in order to make space for Fanta.

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Britannia Glucose D

In the early 1980s, Britannia Glucose D dominated the market. It was endorsed by the late Amjad Khan who played the iconic villain Gabbar Singh in the cult movie Sholay.

Credit: Business Insider India

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