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Here are some Dream11 IPL 2020 ads we liked from Week 1BI India
Some of the best IPL campaigns brands have come up with so far

Our pick of the best IPL 2020 ads: Week 1

Some of the best IPL campaigns brands have come up with so far
  • The Indian Premier League (IPL) every year brings with it an advertising extravaganza where brands try to come up with communications that stand out in the clutter.
  • To shine the spotlight on some of the best work brands are coming up with throughout the season, we will come up with a weekly list of ads.
It’s been more than a week since Indian Premier League (IPL) kicked-off its much talked about season. Launched in a different format this year with no in-stadium audience, IPL has been a somewhat different experience so far.

What hasn’t been much different however, is the advertising extravaganza that has just started. Owing to the fact that year after year, IPL has given brands a platform to advertise and connect with millions of viewers, this year too, brands are going all-out to create ads that will help them engage with a wide set of audience.

While there have been many who have been talking about the quality of ads that have come out of the league so far, the league has just started. Most experts expect we will soon start seeing more brands coming up with ads that create an impact.

Meanwhile, to join in on the fanfare, we thought it would be a good idea to showcase a few campaigns that standout every week.

Here are our top picks for the last week:

1. Dream11

2. Swiggy


4. Khatabook

5. Wakefit

6. Facebook

7. Rapido