Top 10 brands in terms of overall brand health according to urban Indians: YouGov

Nov 17, 2021

By: Karuna Sharma

1. Google

Search engine giant Google becomes the top-ranked brand in YouGov’s 2021 Best Brand Rankings for India for the third consecutive year with a score of 54.2.

Credit: Business Insider India

2. YouTube

Google is followed by its subsidiary brand YouTube. It occupies the second spot with a score of 53.7 this year as well, with a marginal improvement of 0.4 in its year-on-year brand health score.

Credit: Canva

3. Amazon

Technology giant Amazon moved up to the third position with a 50.6 score, despite noting a decline in its year-on-year brand health score.

Credit: Canva

4. WhatsApp

Meta's Social Networking giant WhatsApp recorded a decline in its scores over the past year, moving down one place with a brand score of 48.3.

Credit: Canva

5. Amazon Prime

Amazon’s video-on-demand streaming service Amazon Prime strengthened its brand health perception this year, making an entry into the top ten list in fifth with a score of 36.0.

Credit: Canva

6. Flipkart

E-commerce giant Flipkart has moved up three places in the rankings to sixth with a score of 35.9). The e-comm app noted a marginal improvement of 0.6 points in its Y-o-Y brand health score.

Credit: Business Insider India

7. MakeMyTrip

Despite witnessing a decline of -1.9 in its brand health score compared to last year, MakeMyTrip has also moved up one place to seventh with a score of 35.2.

Credit: Business Insider India

8. Dettol Soaps

Climbing up two places to eighth in the 2021 rankings, Dettol Soaps scored 34.8 this time.

Credit: Business Insider India

9. Facebook

Meta's Facebook recorded a decline in its brand score this year. It scored 34.6 and moved down by one place.

Credit: Canva

10. Samsung

Another new entrant on the list is Samsung. The technology behemoth has made large strides over the past year, securing itself a place in the 2021 top ten rankings with a 32.4 brand score.

Credit: Canva

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