Brands celebrate Raksha Bandhan with a new perspective this year
Advertising and Media Insider’s pick of best Raksha Bandhan ads from 2021
Top Raksha Bandhan ads from 2021

Brands celebrate Raksha Bandhan with a new perspective this year

Top Raksha Bandhan ads from 2021
  • Indian consumers lean on their family for the smallest and the biggest needs and celebrate our smallest and biggest joys together.
  • So with Raksha Bandhan round the corner, brands are reminding consumers to celebrate their love for each other in modern ways.
  • Here are a few advertisements that stood out from this year.
This year, brands have given a new perspective to old traditions of Raksha Bandhan. They are urging consumers to celebrate the tradition of tying a rakhi by focusing on its essence: it is not just about a brother protecting his sister, this pious festival is a celebration of love, protection, support and life-long companionship. With their campaigns this year, brands are reminding us that it is okay to relook at certain traditions and bring them in sync with the modern reality of gender equality. On the other hand, some brands simply chose to celebrate the little quirks and nok-jhonks that the siblings share.

Here are a few campaigns that stood out, in no particular order:


Conceptualised by Tanishq and Dentsu Webchutney, this campaign celebrates the beautiful bond of a sister and her sister-in-law. It showcases how their relationship is much more evolved than just being sisters-in-law and rather being #SistersByChoice. The tradition of ‘Lumba Rakhi’ on

Raksha Bandhan symbolizes this pure bond of love, care and nurture - a tradition where the sister ties the Lumba Rakhi to her sister-in-law as well for, it is believed that it is not just the brother but the sister-in-law too, who is responsible for the sister’s protection and together they form a protective cocoon around the sister.

Cadbury Celebrations

Every year, siblings in India celebrate Raksha Bandhan following the traditional rituals of a sister tying a Rakhi, a thread symbolising the bond they share, and the brother in return gifting a promise to protect her and that bond, all their life. However, this moment of joy, is deeply missed by many children in the country who are differently-abled, especially with their upper limbs. Often these children opt for prosthetic hands to help them build their lives. The journey for them is a long one where, as the child grows up, the prosthetic arms are recommended change, basis various factors. They typically start with basic prosthetic arms which lack the sense of touch, a very important sensation in their formative years.

To make a meaningful difference to the lives of these children and help them celebrate this bond in the most fulfilling way possible, Cadbury Celebrations has partnered with Social Hardware, an organization working towards providing assistive devices and rehabilitation services to underserved communities to develop a unique senor based prosthetic arm that will let children feel the sense of touch, an integral part of growing up.

The campaign is conceptualised by Ogilvy India.

Edelweiss Mutual Funds

In the last two years, all of us have experienced love and support from people around us who may not necessarily be our family. People and communities came together to help each other. Every relation grows stronger with time. This Raksha Bandhan, Edelweiss Mutual Fund urges you to identify and celebrate these unusual bonds of love that have stood with you in challenging times.

Conceptualized by Campen Factory, this campaign reminds you that Raksha Bandhan is not only about celebrating the traditional relationship between a brother and sister. It’s about celebrating any bond that is meaningful and stands the test of time.

Bombay Shaving Company

Growing up with a sibling is amazing fun. You help each other shine through everything in life. There are moments of love, happiness, joy and naughtiness. This Rakhi, Bombay Shaving Company celebrates this special relationship between siblings.


This campaign reminds you that some gifts don’t come in boxes.


Do you also nag your younger sibling and convince them to do all your chores? Then you will definitely relate with Swiggy’s campaign.

Ferns N Petals
From the most irritating habits to the most adorable quirks, every sibling will relate to this film.

Gulf Oil
As a part of its on-going Gulf Superfleet Suraksha Bandhan campaign, Gulf Oil has released a long-form digital video to appreciate truck drivers who have been behind the wheels to ensure uninterrupted supply of essentials and medical supplies. This digital film, themed around the festival of Raksha Bandhan, depicts how sometimes
even loved ones need to change their outlook.