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Pepperfry's Diwali ad will remind you of all the times you fought with your loved ones for your favourite spot at home
The ad reminds how furniture will be at the core of all conversations and celebrationsPepperfry
It reminds how furniture played a vital role in nurturing relationships, almost akin to a family member

Pepperfry's Diwali ad will remind you of all the times you fought with your loved ones for your favourite spot at home

It reminds how furniture played a vital role in nurturing relationships, almost akin to a family member
  • Pepperfry’s latest ad brings a family together in a fun, playful way.
  • The ad is conceptualised by Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi.
Pepperfry has launched a heartwarming yet puckish Diwali campaign – Family times = Pepperfry times. Forging a deeper connect with its consumers, the TVC-led campaign highlights how, this year, individuals will be celebrating Diwali indoors with their loved ones and the role furniture plays in creating those moments and memories that bring the family together.

The global pandemic has had far-reaching implications on people, but the one great thing it has resulted in is a much more strengthened bond with one’s immediate family. Having spent more time indoors, individuals are discovering both endearing and annoying things about them. They are indulging in nostalgic tales with ageing parents, playing with the little ones in between work calls, and making up for all the lost meals by breaking bread together every day on the dining table - all the things that couldn’t be accommodated in the previous hustle bustle and race against time.

While everyone was embracing this new normal, furniture played a vital role in nurturing this bond, almost akin to a family member. The study table pivoted from silently participating in serious calls with colleagues and at other times helping cheer up a friend. The dinner table, which used to be a 1-2 person at a time affair due to conflicting schedules, now hosts buzzing family meals. The bed has become the center of a nightly game ritual for all.

This Diwali, too, while card parties and glittery garden gatherings will be missing, it will be a more intimate family affair full of love and appreciation. And once again, it is furniture that will be at the core of all conversations, meals, entertainment and celebrations.

Celebrating this, Pepperfry, a brand that sparks a feeling called home, has launched its new Diwali campaign. Conceptualized by L&K Saatchi and Saatchi, the campaign kick starts with a TVC showcasing a father-daughter duo engaging in a witty banter, fighting for that one armchair, which rests in the best WiFi spot of the house. On realizing that he is about to lose, the father calls it truce by gifting another armchair to his daughter for Diwali, placed right next to his. Thus, Pepperfry comes to rescue with its Diwali sale with an underlying narrative of ‘Thoda apne liye, thoda apnon ke liye’.

Talking about the latest campaign, Kashyap Vadapalli, Chief Marketing Officer & Business Head, Pepperfry, said, “Pepperfry’s core proposition is to democratize the furniture category and make it an intrinsic part of people’s lives, making the brand almost synonymous to home. It has always partnered with its consumers to help create lasting memories. And this Diwali, we want to build on the connect and trust that we enjoy with our consumers. Through our Family times = Pepperfry times campaign, we aim to catalyze and encourage celebrations with family and friends in a joyful, intimate manner.” He also said – “The right furniture has come to the rescue of the - stay at home, work from home, study from home, entertain from home - Indian family over the last 7 months. Even as we look forward, all of us are acutely aware of the role that homes are playing in our lives - they are outsized, compared to earlier. In such a scenario having the right furniture to eat, work, play and relax is very important and who better than Pepperfry, the market leader, to turn to? I am excited that these films and the campaign will evoke exactly this response in the minds of consumers and drive the desired behaviours”

Pepperfry has adopted a multi-pronged campaign approach, wherein the film will be aired on TV as well as digital mediums like Video Sharing platforms and social media platforms and across interesting content sides on the internet.

Debarjyo Nandi, Executive Vice President, Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi, said, “Now that we are all working and schooling from home, we realize the importance of having the right furniture in the right spaces. The film is only a representation of today’s situation hence real and relatable, and this time we have chosen to give a unique quirky treatment to make it fun and different.”