There’s a new jingle in town as Swiggy uses the power of music to connect with its audience and establish itself as a last-minute Genie coming to your rescue
There’s a new jingle in town and it is as catchy as Badshah MasalaSwiggy
Swiggy has launched its Diwali campaign

There’s a new jingle in town as Swiggy uses the power of music to connect with its audience and establish itself as a last-minute Genie coming to your rescue

Swiggy has launched its Diwali campaign
  • Over the years, jingles have proven to be effective for brands in helping them differentiate themselves and create a unique identity.
  • However, we haven’t heard too many jingles lately. Much to our delight, a Genie has finally heard our prayers and granted our wish.
  • There’s a new jingle in town that the internet is humming to. It is Swiggy Genie’s ‘Genie Dekh Lega.’
Remember those old, golden days when you would actually turn on your television’s volume during a commercial break to hear ‘Washing Powder Nirma’ or Badshah Masala’s jingle and your whole family would join in and hum along? Be it Lijjat Papad from the 90s or Idea’s Hunny Bunny from the early 2000s, jingles hold a special place in our hearts. They are still fresh in our memories like they were launched yesterday. Over the years, jingles have played a critical role in building a brand’s identity -- helping them stand apart from the crowd because jingles stick and leave a long-lasting impression on consumers’ minds. However, lately, we haven’t been hearing too many jingles in India.

Granting our wish to revisit these old days, Swiggy Genie has come up with the new earworm, a jingle called ‘Genie dekh lega.’

Conceptualised by Schbang, Swiggy has launched a new campaign that aims to position it as a brand that comes to its consumer’s rescue even at the eleventh hour. With a catchy jingle that will make a home in your mind, Swiggy reminds the audience that no matter how small the item is -- be it a lehenga or a charger or sending a Diwali gift to your loved ones -- it will deliver it to you or for you.

Commenting on the release of the film, Rishabh Pande, Creative Lead at Schbang said, “When you land a brief from Swiggy India, you need to tell yourself as a creative to take the excitement down a notch and channel that energy to create work that takes creativity up a notch. This film isn’t memorable because it chose to explore humour, like all Swiggy ads, but because it chose to explore and own a category unlike any Swiggy ad we’ve seen before. That’s where the idea of this ear-worm was born and boy does it deliver.”

Sneha John, Director, Marketing at Swiggy said, “Festivals like Diwali see a lot of consumers using Genie to run last minute errands for the home or to send sweets and homemade treats to family and friends. With this film, we want to showcase Genie as an always dependable service that comes to your aid for last minute Diwali shopping and party needs.”

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Genie is a spirit of Arabian folklore, as depicted traditionally imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp, and capable of granting wishes when summoned. Swiggy has been focusing on establishing its delivery associates as superhumans of sorts, a genie, to be precise. It grants your wishes anytime you summon it and deliver to you in a jiffy -- as if appearing from thin air.

Before the ‘Genie Dekh Lega’ advertisement, Swiggy ran a campaign called ‘Swiggy Genie’s got your back.’ It shows how Swiggy can share the load if you have got a lot on your plate and pick up your grocery for you.

When the Indian Government announced the country's first lockdown last year in March 2020 and said that only essential service providers were allowed to function, Swiggy came up with the idea of launching Swiggy Genie. Whether it was flu medicine or healthy food, Genie has been helping end-users to make instant deliveries from one point to another.

Client: Swiggy India
Agency: Schbang
Production House: Schbang Motion Pictures

Head, Schbang Motion Pictures: Abhimanyu Balasubramanyam
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Sr. Creative Strategist- Pearl Alex
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Sr. Solutions Strategist - Janya Sindhu
Business Development Manager- Radhika Raheja
Sr. BD Executive- Jinita Shah
Creative Strategist- Simran Kumar, Rebecca D'silva

Cast - Manoj Mathew, Shruti Puranic, Usha Palan, Vallabh Gada, Myra Shah

Support Cast- Deven Patel, Devendra Ahirwal, Nihal Nischal, Gaurav Ahuja, Rishabh Pande, Rishabh Sharma, Prakhar
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