Top 10 buzziest sports events in India in 2022, as per YouGov

Feb 4, 2022

By: BI India Bureau

1. Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League tops YouGov’s 2022 Sports Buzz Rankings in India for the second year in succession with a Buzz score of 50.8.

Credit: Business Insider India

2. Olympic Games - Summer

As India recorded its best -ever performance in the Olympics with a haul of seven medals, including a gold, it’s unsurprising to see the Olympics coming a close second (49.2) and making a new entry in this year’s rankings.

Credit: Business Insider

3. ICC Cricket World Cup

Even though India failed to qualify for the knockout stage, the ICC Cricket World Cup managed to secure 3rd place (45.9). Its buzz score recorded a slight decline of -0.4 than 2021.

Credit: BCCL - Non Copyright

4. ​FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup also noticed a decline in its year-on-year score and moved down one place to fourth (28.3).

Credit: Business Insider

5. Indian Super League

India’s indigenous football league, Indian Super League managed to hold on to its fifth position (20.4), further cementing itself in the country’s sporting landscape

Credit: BCCL

6. Wimbledon Championship

In the sixth spot is the Wimbledon Championship with a buzz score of 18.0

Credit: Business Insider

7. Pro Kabaddi League

The Pro Kabaddi League recorded a drop of three places to seventh compared to last year’s rankings (from 23.1 to 17.9).

Credit: BCCL

8. Asian Games

Asian Games, a multi-disciplinary sports event that is held once every four years, had a 15.3 buzz score on YouGov's list.

Credit: BCCL

9. World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE secures 9th place with a buzz score of 13.3

Credit: WWE

10. Australian Open (Tennis)

Australian Open takes the 10th place with a buzz score of 13.

Credit: Business Insider

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