Top 10 trends that would shape the ad industry in 2021

Feb 16, 2021

By: BI India Partner

1. From carefree to conscious: The consumer behaviour shift

Consumers are more likely to embrace brands who showcase empathy and care about the larger world

Credit: Business Insider India

2. Everything is becoming hyperlocal

One of the biggest indicators of this is the surge in regional language news & content during the lockdown

Credit: Business Insider India

3. Driving up the subscription bandwagon

2021 would smash the adage that Indians don’t pay for content and drive up the subscription for Sports and original content.

Credit: Business Insider India

4. Gaming & Esports growth – more than time pass

During Apr’20, there was an 11 per cent increase in users per week. 66 per cent of new gamers are females and 56 per cent of new gamers are above the age of 45.

Credit: Business Insider India

5. Platforms will become creator-led than community-led

More community-led platforms will spur: 4-5 different platforms with a 100 Million plus user base predicted

Credit: Business Insider India

6. Immersive audio, a cultural movement

Podcasts have grown manifold in 2020 and the MAUs are already where social media was a few years back

Credit: Business Insider India

7. Digital transformation: ROI to opportunity cost

Leaders are aggressively deploying new tools, data & cloud infrastructures

Credit: Business Insider India

8. Streaming wars in a device agnostic world

OTT ads will continue to have a lion's share in programmatic spends & will bring incremental budgets from the traditional TV pie

Credit: Business Insider India

9. Connected Commerce: The customer-convenience imperative

Marketers will need to think like DTC brands; embrace new technologies and personalised messaging

Credit: Business Insider India

10. Bringing creativity back into digital advertising

Brands need to embrace AI to boost personalisation at scale

Credit: Business Insider India

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