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An infamous lingerie brand is selling a sexy White Claw costume this Halloween

  • Lingerie brand Yandy is selling a sexy "Hard Outlaw" costume that clearly references White Claw for Halloween 2019.
  • "Be the sweetest seltzer on the shelf and sip away your Saturday in this thirst-quenching exclusive Hard Outlaw costume," reads the costume's description.
  • The creation of a sexy White Claw costume reveals how the hard seltzer brand has become a cultural icon in 2019.
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White Claw took over the booze industry in 2019. Now, an infamous lingerie brand is trying to see if the hard seltzer can take over Halloween.

Yandy - which also sells a Sexy Beyond Burger costume - is selling a "Hard Outlaw" costume for $54.95. The skimpy two-piece outfit clearly mimics White Claw's logo, with text reading: "Outlaw: Party Hard."

Yandy - which did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment - is known for its topical and sometimes controversial costumes. Other ripped-from-the-headlines outfits for sale on the brand's website include "Miss Impeachment" and a costume inspired by the college admission scandal.

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Like the sexy Beyond Burger, the Hard Outlaw costume highlights White Claw's cultural dominance. Hard seltzer's popularity exploded in 2019, with sales tripling last year's figures.

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