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Facebook advertising isn't going out the window, but we could see a transformation

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It's no secret that Facebook has been under the proverbial microscope in recent years, with concerns growing about the safety of users' personal information and the accuracy and relevance of content that is being housed on their platform. Some established companies like Mozilla have been vocal about their discontentment with Facebook's advertising tactics.

Some fear that Facebook's constantly-changing newsfeed algorithm is diverting customer trust and brand loyalty, and that their narrow targeting criteria is causing viable customers to be lost. Facebook has already started to lose support from younger audiences and expects a decline in users in countries like Japan and the Netherlands.

While concerns about Facebook have been mounting worldwide, some are remaining loyal to this social superpower. Small businesses, in particular, praise their advanced targeting tools for converting foot traffic, and Facebook's ad revenue continues to grow faster than the overall digital ad market.
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Advertisers are not willing to throw in the towel with Facebook just yet, but they will need to proceed with caution, and possibly through a different route. eMarketer has put together the Facebook Advertising in 2021 Report, to help businesses prepare to pivot and navigate gracefully through this transition.

Highlights include:
  • Regulatory action, such as the $5 billion fine approved by the Federal Trade Commission, may play a role in eliminating overtargeting practices. But Facebook will continue to make its own changes in an attempt to stay one step ahead of regulators.
  • As new login options become available like Touch and Face ID, users will refrain from logging into apps through Facebook in an effort to protect their personal information.
  • Companies like Curology will move their expenditures to Instagram, but Facebook will maintain support from those hoping to leverage their exponential userbase, and resist shifting gears towards an unfamiliar platform.
  • While Facebook's powerful engine may not be combusting anytime soon, customers and advertisers will be paying closer attention than ever before to how they are putting out fires.

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