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'x is y': Elon Musk sent a cryptic tweet in response to his partner Grimes as rumors about her apparent pregnancy swirl

  • Elon Musk posted a cryptic message in reply to photos of his girlfriend Grimes with an apparent baby bump saying "x is y" on Friday.  
  • It is not clear what the message means, or whether it could be a confirmation of the pregnancy rumors that have been circulating since Wednesday.
  • Neither Musk nor Grimes have commented on the rumored pregnancy officially, but comments on Grimes' Instagram post show congratulatory messages from verified accounts. 
  • Musk also posted a baby emoji on Twitter on Thursday in reply to a tweet of him dancing with the caption "Anyways, here's Elon Musk dancing to Grimes - Oblivion."
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As rumors circulate around the possibility that Grimes is pregnant, Elon Musk sent a cryptic tweet saying 'x is y' in response to photographs she posted of herself with an apparent baby bump. 

Musk's tweet was in reply to a photograph that shows a mirrored image of the singer wearing a top that is open at the front and reveals an apparent baby bump. Grimes replied to Musk's message saying "Toss a coin to ur Witcher," in what looks to be a nod to a song from the Netflix TV series 'The Witcher.' 

The full exchange can be seen below: 


Rumors have been circulating since Wednesday about a possible pregnancy when Grimes posted a different photograph on Instagram where she also appears to have a bump. 

An original version of the photo was deleted after it was censored for nudity, but an amended version was re-uploaded on the same day with the caption "censored for insta haha - almost got away with it." 
Grimes uploaded a second photograph on Instagram the next day - a single version of the same one she posted on Twitter which garnered a response from Musk. 

Comments from several verified accounts on this post, including from singer Janelle Monae express congratulatory and emotional responses to the singer about her apparent pregnancy. 


Musk also posted a baby emoji on Thursday in reply to a tweet of him dancing with the caption "Anyways, here's Elon Musk dancing to Grimes - Oblivion."