After 982 Days Away, Marc Andreessen Is Back On Twitter


After 982 days away, Marc Andreessen is back on Twitter.

Nine hours ago, he tweeted:

He's tweeted a dozen or so times since.


He's already pronounced 2013 the best year in history because it brought less war, povery, and discrimination. He says 2014 is going to be even better because "Sherlock is back!"

Clearly, he is getting the hang of the Twitter-is-for-lolz thing.

Marc Andreessen is most famous for founding Netscape.


But lately, he's beomcethe most highly regarded venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.

If his firm, Andreessen Horowitz, wants in on a deal, it gets a deal. It helps that Andreessen surrounded himself with partners who are stars from the industry.

Most of them - starting with cofounding partner Ben Horowitz - are former top CEOs who built startups and operated them as large companies. Others include Jeff Jordan, the former CEO of OpenTable and Scott Weiss, the former CEO of IronPort.


Now they all run Andreessen Horowitz less like a VC firm, and more like a consultancy. Each partner works for every portfolio company. The firm is modeled after how Michael Ovitz ran CAA.

Truthfully, this is Andreessen's first real foray into Twitter. He joined the service 2427 days ago, and then didn't do it again for another 4 years.

Then he tweeted once two and a half years ago and stopped again.