Now, Amazon Alexa will help Indians watch their diet

  • Indian fitness startup HealthifyMe has integrated its AI assistant with Amazon’s Alexa.
  • With this, users can now ask Alexa nutritional values of different food items and compare them.
  • HealthifyMe track one billion exercises a day and with users sending in 50 million messages per day.
Fitness app HealthifyMe has integrated its AI assistant Ria with Amazon’s Alexa. With this new development, users can get Amazon’s virtual assistant to track their diet.

HealthifyMe, which is the top-rated Indian startup on Google Playstore, has over 10 million users. Cumulatively, the app sees consumers track one billion exercises a day and with users sending in 50 million messages per day.

Getting on board Alexa will increase the potential market size as in 2018 Amazon held 59% market share in the smart speaker segment in India in 2018.


Users can now compare different food items and their nutritional value by just asking Alexa. HealthifyMe hopes to include all of its AI bot Ria’s capabilities like getting personalised diet and workout suggestions and receiving feedback on progress into Alexa.

“Voice as a medium is the most intuitive when it comes to how people can benefit from HealthifyMe every day. We have already seen an extremely positive user response for our AI assistant Ria who people can speak to and seek health and fitness advice. The new Alexa skill will allow us to expand this seamless VUI capability further as we evolve into an automated nutritionist for smart homes,” said Tushar Vashisht, Co-founder and CEO, HealthifyMe.

While HealthifyMe was launched in 2012, Vashisht launched the AI bot Ria in 2017. While a smart plan (with their AI assistant Ria) starts at ₹299, packages with a nutritionist start at ₹999.


Today, they have roughly nine million users from 220+ cities and revenue-wise too they are growing strongly. “Our India business is likely to go profitable sometime this year,” Vashisht had told Business Insider in an earlier interview.

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