Amazon is selling a $35 wool sneaker that looks suspiciously similar to Allbirds, the $95 shoe of choice for Silicon Valley power players

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Allbirds and Amazon

Allbirds has offered a wool blend sneaker since 2014, pictured left. Last month, Amazon rolled out an extremely similar shoe (right).

It's a tale as old as Silicon Valley itself: A startup introduces a new product with a fun twist. Then, it catches on among tech workers and Silicon Valley power players, and goes on to enjoy national buzz and booming sales.

Then, somebody else starts selling a near-identical product for a fraction of the price.Advertisement

But last month, an Amazon-brand sneaker appeared on the retail giant's site, with a look and branding that may seem eerily familiar to Allbirds owners. The "206 Collective Galen Wool Blend Sneakers" are promoted with a comfortable soft wool blend and a memory foam insole, just like Allbirds.

There's one big difference between the two brands: The Amazon-brand shoe starts at just $35.18.

The similarity between the two shoes was noted by investor and Tinder executive Jeff Morris, Jr. on Twitter.


Indeed, product reviews of Amazon's wool sneakers were quick to point out similarities to Allbirds - which many reviewers cited as a selling point.

"I love Allbirds, and as these shoes seem to be a direct copy, I thought I would love them too," a user named T. Young wrote in an Amazon review.

"They are similar to my AllBirds, but a lot cheaper. I use these for everyday, and my Allbirds in the weekend," said Amazon reviewer A. Conrad.Advertisement

Neither Amazon nor Allbirds were immediately available for comment. 

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