Amazon Prime members can upload their outfits and get a fashion expert's opinion - here's what it's like to use in person


Amazon Outfit Compare


Unless you stick to a daily uniform like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, everyone has that frustrating moment once in a while where you just can't decide what to wear.

Amazon wants to help with that. The online retail giant rolled out a feature in March called Outfit Compare, which lets you upload two different outfits and get an opinion on which one looks better.

The feature is free and available in Amazon's mobile app, but only Prime members can use it. And while Amazon famously doesn't reveal how many Prime subscribers it has, estimates peg that number around 80 million in the US - which means a lot of people have access to this feature and may not even realize it.


If Outfit Compare sounds familiar, it's because Amazon launched a similar service called Style Check in conjunction with the launch of its Echo Look device, an Alexa-enabled camera that can take full-length photos or videos of you, help you build a "personal lookbook," and give a second opinion on your outfit.

But Outfit Compare has one key difference: While Style Check uses both machine learning and a fashion specialist to provide a verdict, Outfit Compare relies solely on real humans to judge your look.

I tested out Outfit Compare over the course of a few weeks. I didn't often use it to decide between two different tops or to pick the right pair of shoes, mainly because I didn't have the luxury of time in the morning or a full-length mirror at home. But snapping a quick mirror photo of my outfit each day did help me gain a lot of insight into how others might view my style.


Here's what it was like: