Amazon's logistics footprint in the US is only getting bigger


Amazon is bulking up its logistics network at home. After adding 26 new fulfillment centers in the US in 2017, the e-commerce giant on Monday announced that it was opening up another new facility in Colorado. That comes after the company announced plans for similar centers in Maryland, Florida, and Texas just this month, which itself is part of a larger stated effort to add more than 100,000 jobs, of all varieties, in the US over the next 18 months.


That's a lot! This chart from Statista should put Amazon's continued expansion into perspective: According to data from supply chain consulting firm MWPVL International, the company is expanding its footprint, in some form or another, into a wider swath of the country.

It all sounds nice at a time when President Trump is fixated on boosting domestic manufacturing jobs, but the reality may not be quite as rosy. Recent analysis said that many of Amazon's current job listings aren't for blue-collar positions, and the centers themselves are increasingly staffed by robots, furthering the larger existential threat to low-skill positions.

Amazon network US chart


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