American Express and TechGig call for women coding contest — Geek Goddess

American Express and TechGig call for women coding contest — Geek Goddess

  • Programming network TechGig, along with payments company American Express has announced a ‘women-only’ coding contest — Geek Goddess.
  • The women coding contest will focus on themes like Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cloudify Everything, Solution Hunters Hackathon.
  • The code submissions for the contest will take place till October 14.
  • A recent survey of women IT professionals revealed that three in every four women techies face gender bias at workplace.
Payments company American Express and programming network TechGig announced a ‘women-only’ coding contest — Geek Goddess.

The contest will focus on Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), cloud along with Solution Hunters Hackathon.

The codes should be submitted by October 14. The contest winner will receive prizes worth ₹750,000. The contest will also declare an all India rank for women coders for their implementation.

The challenge received over 37,700 submissions so far. “The enthusiastic queries that we received, makes me believe that this year’s Geek Goddess will help corporate India spot the brightest women IT professionals in the country," said Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TechGig.

Last year, the competition received 68,791 entries.

This contest will help reduce the gender bias that female IT professionals face. It is said that three in every four women are victims of workplace discrimination.

“We believe that an inclusive and diverse workforce provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace. American Express is committed to developing a talent pool that brings together unique perspectives, backgrounds and experiences,” said Ruchika Panesar, vice president of technology at American Express.

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