Amidst visa uncertainty in US, Mexico encourages firms to hire foreign talent

Amidst visa uncertainty in US, Mexico encourages firms to hire foreign talent Mexico Government has eased its rules and now it will be easier for foreign firms in the country to hire highly-skilled workers from abroad.

This step gains significance amidst uncertainty regarding H1B visa process in the United States after Donald Trump government decided to change the laws that allow firms to outsource and hire people from foreign lands.

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New rules introduced by the Mexican government will encourage more and more Indian companies to set up their units there. As of now, 11 Indian IT firms, including TCS, Infosys and Wipro have their offices in the North American country.

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"Mexico follows a rule that foreign firms can employ 10 per cent of total highly-skilled staff from abroad and the rest of the employees with similar skills have to be locals. However, Mexico is changing rules which will enable foreign firms to employ a higher proportion of highly-skilled workforce if they are employing a large number of employees," Mexican ambassador to India Melba Pria told ET.

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"This could benefit Indian software giants and other business enterprises which are seeking to expand footprint not only in Mexico but also in the US, Central America and Latin America. Mexico is always open for foreign talent."

Mexico ranks third in the world in the number of IT professionals after India and the Philippines.

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"Besides software, Mexico presents a unique opportunity for India's world-class pharmaceutical companies. Mexico has a universal healthcare system," Pria added.

On the other hand, Mexican companies have also started investing in India in the automotive, chemicals and entertainment sectors, says a note of external affairs ministry.

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