An etiquette expert shares how to make the Queen's favourite cocktail - and how to pronounce it

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  • Her Majesty the Queen's favourite cocktail is reportedly a gin and Dubonnet. 
  • William Hanson, a British etiquette and manners expert, posted an Instagram video on how to make the perfect one. 
  • 'It's a refreshingly fruity drink with a slightly bitter edge.'

Her Majesty the Queen's eating and drinking habits have been widely covered by the world's media.

We know that she likes to start her day with tea and biscuits - don't we all - and is partial to a morning bowl of Special K. She also reportedly enjoys the odd glass of Champagne, and her favourite cocktail is said to be a gin and Dubonnet. 

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Her Majesty the Queen's favourite cocktail is reportedly a gin and Dubonnet.

If you're wondering what the cocktail is exactly, British etiquette and manners expert William Hanson has helpfully posted a video on Instagram demonstrating how to make the perfect gin and Dubonnet (pronounced Dubonnay).

He says it's a "refreshingly fruity drink with a slightly bitter edge." The late Queen Mother was also reportedly a fan. 

Here's Hanson's three-step guide to the perfect gin and Dubonnet:

1. Use a lowball tumbler - but a wine glass will also do. 

2. Add three cubes of ice to the glass. 

3. Add one part gin - Gordon's, of course, which holds a royal warrant. 

4. Add two parts Dubonnet, which is a fortified red wine. 

5. Finally, add a slice of lemon.

6. Stir and enjoy as a pre-dinner digestif. 

Watch him make the drink here: