And Now Comes A Huge Week For The Economy

Head up. You should get a lot of rest this weekend, because the week is going to be huge for the economy.

The following is a quick guide from Citi of all the events and economic data releases that will be happening this week.

Screen Shot 2014 04 26 at 6.29.17 AM


Among the big events: Non-Farm Payrolls (obviously), the FOMC decision, ADP, Personal Consumption, and the ISM.

The ISM report is also part of a much bigger event, which is global PMI day, which will gave us the latest insight on the state of manufacturing all around the world.

The general view is that the economy is rebounding from its winter freeze, but that we're still not totally "back" and it can't be confirmed that 100% of the slowdown was due to bad weather.

As for the Fed, there has not been much hype about this meeting, as the expectation is for a continuation of current "taper" policy. Nothing that's happened since the last meeting would give the Fed any reason to tap on the brakes.

Obviously we'll be covering the data LIVE, and by the end of next week, we hope to have a few more answers about what's going on.