Anthony Davis gave up a $4 million bonus to help the Lakers and fans on Twitter believe it's part of a grand conspiracy

anthony davis

Jeff Chiu/AP

Anthony Davis.

  • Anthony Davis is waiving his $4 million trade kicker, according to ESPN. 
  • Davis is also keeping the No. 23 as a gift from teammate LeBron James
  • The Los Angeles Lakers will now have $32 million to spend towards free agency and bringing in another star player. They may also decide to divide the sum for several players. 
  • Fans on Twitter are reacting to the news with conspiracy theories as to why Davis would decide to waive the extra money.
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Anthony Davis is waiving his $4 million trade kicker, according to ESPN. 

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers were "scrambling to reshape the parameters" of the trade after it was announced due to a lack of cap space. 
Now it seems they've figured it out.

The trade, which formerly included just the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans, now includes a third team in the Washington Wizards. The Lakers will send a 2022 second-round pick to the Wizards and the Wizards will send the Pelicans cash. 

While the trade has been agreed to, it does not become official until July 6 when the league's transaction embargo is lifted. 

As a result, the Lakers will be able to pursue a max contract free agent with $32 million to spend towards completing a Big 3. 

Read more:The Lakers made 2 huge moves in a matter of hours that set them up perfectly to add another big starAccording to Adrian Wojnarowski, Zach Lowe and Bobby Marks of ESPN, the Lakers are expected to explore several options, including D'Angelo Russell of the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard. 

The Lakers could also choose to divide the money instead to pursue a combination of players. 

Not only did Davis waive an extra $4 million, but he is also keeping his jersey No. 23 - currently worn by LeBron James - as a gift from James. 

According to reports, Davis and his agent Rich Paul waived the trade bonus as a way to invest in more talent on the court, but fans have different theories.

Some point to Davis' involvement in 'Space Jam 2', which James is an executive producer. Others are saying that Davis may have waived the bonus for James to give up his number.

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It is unknown what number James will wear next, but many speculate he will return to No. 6, which he wore during four seasons with the Miami Heat. He was also spotted wearing the number on the set of 'Space Jam 2'.