Apple designer Marc Newson wears a £9,500 Apple Watch

Marc Newson

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Marc Newson wears a fancy Apple Watch.

Marc Newson is the designer who was brought on board by Apple to help the company create the Apple Watch.

Newson is a long-term friend of Apple design head Jony Ive, and the pair had collaborated in the past. But when it came to the Apple Watch, Newson's involvement was kept secret until Apple officially announced that he had joined the company.

Like his friend Jony Ive, Newson doesn't go to many public events, meaning that it's hard to spot which model of Apple Watch he wears.Advertisement

Newson was photographed wearing a stainless steel model during the watch's launch, but Apple executives experimented with different models when promoting the device.

Marc Newson

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Newson attended a dinner hosted by pen manufacturer Mont Blanc to celebrate the launch of a new pen that he designed on June 3. Now we have a good look at the kind of Apple Watch that Newson wears.

Here's what you see when you zoom in on the photo above:

Marc Newson Apple Watch

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It's an Apple Watch! And not just any Apple Watch, it's a £9,500 rose gold Apple Watch with a white tip on the digital crown. It looks like Newson bought the standard rose gold model, and then swapped out the white band for a black one instead.Advertisement

That's not as rare as Apple CEO Tim Cook's Apple Watch. He wears a special stainless steel model with a custom red tip on the digital crown. You can't buy that model of the Apple Watch in store.

Apple CEO Tim Cook's Apple Watch


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