Apple is already dominating the smartwatch market at the expense of Samsung


Apple hasn't disclosed official sales figures of the Apple Watch yet, but it looks like it's already established itself as a dominant force in the global smartwatch market - at least according to market research firm Strategy Analytics.


New data from Strategy Analytics, charted for us by Statista, suggests Apple Watch has shipped 4 million units so far, claiming roughly 75% share of the global smartwatch market. It's worth noting that the Apple Watch's rise appears to have come at the expense of Samsung, who saw more than 66% of its market share wiped out from the year-ago period.

Strategy Analytics added that the global smartwatch market grew 457% annually from the second quarter of last year, primarily driven by the Apple Watch, to hit a record 5.3 million units shipped worldwide.

"Apple Watch has clearly raised the bar for the global smartwatch industry. The ball is now in the court of rivals, like Samsung, to respond," wrote Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics.

Apple loops in its Watch sales in the "Other products" category, which saw a 49%, or $874 million jump in sales year-over-year. But Apple CEO Tim Cook cautioned during the earnings call on Tuesday not to interpret that difference as Apple Watch's total sales, since the category includes revenue from Apple TV, iPod, and Beats Electronics as well.




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