Apple is covering its $5 billion 'spaceship' campus with solar panels - here's your latest look


A new video by drone pilot Matthew Roberts shows Apple's $5 billion campus project in Cupertino, California, starting to really take shape.

The clip shows that much of the exterior glass has been attached to the building and that the company has installed huge amounts of solar panels on its roof. Apple is expecting to generate about 75% of the power needed for the facility through its solar panels and biogas fuel cells. 

Apple Campus 2, which will very likely have an "Apple Parkway" address, is expected to be finished by early 2017, when 13,000 employees move in from assorted smaller Apple offices in the area, as well a contingent that will be moving over from Apple's old campus at 1 Infinite Loop. 


But before that happens, Apple needs to start landscaping the campus.

Here's where the project stands: