Apple is reportedly doing an original scripted TV show with Dr. Dre and it will have 'no shortage of violence and sex'


Dr. Dre Kevin Winter Getty

Kevin Winter/Getty

Apple has bankrolled a scripted TV series starring Dr. Dre, The Hollywood Reporter reported on Friday.

The show is currently called Vital Signs and it will star Beats co-founder Dr. Dre. Six 30-minute episodes have reportedly been ordered, and all will be released in one batch.

The show is described as a "dark drama" and will depict violence and sex, an unusual step for Apple, which has cultivated a "PG" reputation through what kinds of content it permits on its iTunes store and App Store. For example, Beats 1, Apple's online radio station, bleeps out curse words. A scene filmed earlier this week reportedly involves "simulated sex."


It will be Apple's first original television show, and the report indicates that it will be distributed through Apple Music.

Apple has long been rumored to be putting together a streaming TV service, but CBS CEO Les Moonves implied those plans were on hold on Thursday.

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