Apple is reportedly going to fix the shift key on your iPhone so it's not so confusing


If you own an iPhone, you might have noticed that it can be tricky to figure out when the shift key is activated and when it's not.

Thankfully, Apple is planning to solve this issue with its new iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 9. The iPhone update is expected to include a new design and shading for the shift key that makes it less confusing, according to a new report from 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman.

"Likely to the joy of many iOS users, Apple will once again change the Shift key, ensuring that deciphering when the key is in Shift mode or Caps Lock will be as straight forward as the pre-iOS 7 days," Gurman writes in the report.


Apple first introduced the new design for its shift key with iOS 7, which represented a significant redesign of iOS that was spearheaded by Apple's chief designer Jony Ive.

If you've forgotten how similar it looks when the shift key is activated and when it's not, you check out this side-by-side comparison for a refresher.


iOS 8 iPhone keyboard shift key

Business Insider

While much of the initial criticism around iOS 7 focused on the flat design scheme and brightly colored app icons, many people quickly realized the shift key was far from straightforward - leading to websites like Is My Shift Key On Right Now.

It's clear that at least some iOS users find the keyboard's shift key confusing:


Apple is expected to reveal iOS 9, its new music streaming subscription service, and fully native apps for the Apple Watch at next week's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Business Insider will be attending the conference, and we'll be live blogging all the announcements from the keynote.

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