Apple’s next-gen Macbooks could come with 5G connectivity making them dongle free

Apple’s next-gen Macbooks could come with 5G connectivity making them dongle free

  • Apple’s next-generation Macbook could have an integrated cellular modem.
  • Apple is said to have explored similar options almost 10 years back but idea was consequently shelved.
  • Competing laptop manufacturers are considering similar products in the coming year.
Apple could launch MacBooks with 5G connectivity as soon as 2020 according to Taiwanese publication Digitimes.

The publication goes on to add that laptop vendors - Lenovo, Dell and HP are also said to be considering similar integrations to the upcoming launches in 2020.

Digitimes’ report states that Apple could use a ceramic antenna component to improve connectivity and signal strength, adding significant cost to the machine’s price. The publication has had several ‘misses’ in their predictions in the past and it is advised to consider this while noting this report.

Giving it another go

Apple is said to have explored the idea of integrating a cellular modem in their portable computers earlier. Former CEO Steve Jobs said in 2008 that Apple had considered against a Macbook Air computer with 3G connectivity since it would pose structural challenges and tie down customers to specific carriers.


With that said, Apple is said to be working on launching 5G-enabled iPhones in 2020. If the Cupertino giant gets this timeline right, the possibility of a 5G-enabled MacBook being launched in the same year will be high.

Special antenna with 2x faster 5G

If Apple does launch a 5G-enabled MacBook in 2020, it is said to use a ceramic antenna component instead of a standard metallic one. This should reduce interference and thereby improve signal strength and 5G speeds. The report claims that this could increase 5G speeds by almost two times that of a regular metallic antenna.

However, this could come at an increased cost for Apple. According to the report, the ceramic antenna component could cost almost six times as much as a regular metallic component. Given the premium that Apple charges for its products, the company might just be able to squeeze in this antenna without affecting the price too much.

It is not clear yet if Apple’s 5G MacBook will be a part of the Air or Pro line-up. As far as the launch time frame is concerned, Apple could ship it in late 2020.

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