Apple Watch is on sale now - here's what people are saying about it

The Apple Watch went on sale at 8.01 a.m. UK time this morning, but no one can actually walk out of a store with one.

We're covering this live so refresh this post for more.

Apple stores are carrying limited inventory of the watches, and each one is currently only letting people sign up online for appointments to choose a watch. The majority of shoppers, even if they get an appointment, won't actually be leaving a store with a watch today.
It's leaving some shoppers a little frustrated:

The online-only signup method is part of Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts' experimental attempt to end the long, chaotic lines on front of stores that have traditionally bedevilled Apple product launches.

So far the system seems to be working - at least for Business Insider. Two of our staff have appointments for watch purchases this morning and we'll be bringing you photos from the experience as soon as we can.

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